Booking a trip is a difficult process for the traveller. There are many decisions to make, and there is a lot of focus on the price. This is not an ideal place to make additional decisions about incremental services and products. Customers need another time and opportunity to make additional purchases before they arrive at the hotel.

That is why you should use a pre-arrival service like BoostMyRoom.


After the initial booking is done, customers can relax more and start to plan the details of the trip. What to do, what to see, where to eat. The demand is there, but a lot of providers compete, so the hotel must take steps to secure its services are visible to the customer pre-arrival.

BMR presents additional products and services directly to the guests well before they arrive, and reveals their wishes and demand early on.


BMR designs packages of value for individual customer segments, as the needs of a business traveller are different from a family of four. Services and products form a package guaranteed to intrigue and increase the curiosity of the guests.

The offer increases awareness of your products and services. Each offer is unique for each guest, and is not published.


Through BMR the customer requests a package or service from the hotel. The customer cannot buy the package directly, and is not guaranteed a package. A request is made for a range of products at a specific price. This request is presented to the hotel – several days before the customer arrives.


As part of the normal daily process the hotel checks the upgrade requests against current bookings and available rooms. The Hotel can now fill empty rooms and make additional revenue by accepting requests and updating the reservation. BMR will inform the customer of the upgrade status. Everything is finalized before the guests arrive. Payment is done by the guest to the hotel.

If the hotel does not grant the upgrade – the original booking is of course still valid.


You have reached out to your guests customers in an innovative way. You have allowed the guest to personalize their trip and raised awareness of your hotel, your services and products. Your guests have an increased experience and satisfaction with your hotel.

All that - plus your revenue and profits are up.



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Most hotels have a 5% RevPAR increase potential – get an indication of your new revenues:
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