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Thank you for your interest in BoosyMyRoom!
The past year has been truly busy
We built our state-of-the-art upselling platform that makes it easy for hotels to sell more and increase their revenue.
We also started establishing a network of sales agents across the world, signed up our first hotels and provided upgrades to satisfied hotel guests.
Now we are preparing for a full-scale market rollout. That’s why we have initiated this first round of fundraising. In this round we are looking for a total of €400,000 to cover all necessary sales efforts until break-even in 18 months.
Perhaps you visiting this page because you have already seen our presentation. If not, we hope you will take 6 minutes of your time learn what BoostMyRoom is all about.
For any enquiry please call us at +45 60 59 84 85, or send an email to or fill in the contact form below.
Then we will get back you as soon as possible.


What is BoostMyRoom?

At BoostMyRoom we help hotels to increase their revenue by upgrading and upselling guests. In addition we provide hotel guest with a exclusive experience that they will not forget. An experience they will share with friends and family, once they return home.

Our solution is non-intrusive and easy to implement:

  • No software installation
  • No change in daily operations
  • No staff training
  • No initial purchase from the hotel
  • Just boosting revenue and guest satisfaction!

What’s in the pipeline?

We need to staff up and get talented and inspiring people to take us to the next level.
We are about to set up an office in India in order to target the Indian hotels market and work our way out from there. We wish to target the world, and from India we can cover most of Asia.
We also need to become more visible for hotels and hotel guests alike. We need to be visible everywhere.
That means trade shows, social networks, magazines and TV evens.

Join our quest

If you’re looking to invest in a Global easily scalable project that makes people’s holiday dreams come true, consider us for your next invest opportunity.
For more information and be part of at global scalable project please contact us today

Most hotels have a 5% RevPAR increase potential – get an indication of your new revenues:
BMR calculator.

No Rooms:
Per rooms per month:
Open rate – SMS/email – 80%:
Response rate – 15%:
Average upselling:
Monthly additional revenue:
Yearly additional revenue

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upgrades your hotel experience


We do the job for you – minimum extra work

We combine SMS/text & email marketing to reach all your guests

Our solution needs no integration to PMS – just a report

Our approach is “no cure – no pay”

Tell me how it will work for my hotel – please call me

Our Boost Service model

Free PMS integration
Free sms & email
Free marketing packages
Free segmented promotion pages
Free reporting
Free customer service

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