BoostMyRoom works with many PMS systems providers

IDS Next

We are proud to add IDS Next to our partner program.
That means for IDS Next customers they now only need to active
the service to be able to take advantage of the BMR upsell service.
IDS NEXT is strong in Africa, Middle East, South Asia and South Pacific.


Mews PMS systems is the latest
Is easy for hotel to Swich the function on, and get started fast.
Mews offer a wide rage of function for the hotel customers there is easy to use.


One of the biggest provide of PMS
Opera is offering a wide rage of
Most bigger hotels chain is using Opera


Apaleo is a fresh new PMS designed for the modern hotel..
Apaleo is based in the cloud, and with an open
interface hotels can say goodbye to all the old troublesome and expensive IT interfaces.
BoostMyRoom will easily connect to Apaleo with a seamless 2-click approval.

Most hotels have a 5% RevPAR increase potential – get an indication of your new revenues:
BMR calculator.

No Rooms:
Per rooms per month:
Open rate – SMS/email – 80%:
Response rate – 15%:
Average upselling:
Monthly additional revenue:
Yearly additional revenue

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upgrades your Our Boost Service model


We do the job for you – minimum extra work

We combine SMS/text & email marketing to reach all your guests

Our solution needs no integration to PMS – just a report

Our approach is “no cure – no pay”

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Our Boost Service model

Free PMS integration
Free sms and email
Free marketing packages
Free segmented promotion pages
Free reporting
Free customer service

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