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About BoostMyRoom (BMR)

BMR is a software design and marketing company assisting hotels and resorts in the marketing of their products and services.
BMR does not offer, sell or provide any travel- or accommodation or other services to the end user. BMR is not a travel agency. The responsibility for the services and products provided remains solely with the final provider of the service, and BMR cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages directly or indirectly incurred during your use of this site, your travel, accommodation or otherwise.

Your request for products and services

A request made through this site or app does not guarantee a purchase of the products and services provided. When requesting an upgrade the guest is committed to buying the upgrade package. It is not possible to regret a request for an upgrade.
The hotel can choose to accept the request at any moment prior to the check-in. After the hotel has accepted the request, the conditions of the hotel apply to regrets, cancellations, no-show etc. Any questions with regard to the reservation must be addressed directly to the hotel.
If your upgrade is not granted by the hotel, your original reservation remains valid. Neither BMR nor the hotel is responsible for any losses or cost incurred due to the hotel not granting your request.


BMR acts as a third-party service provider to hotels, and collects and exchange personal information relevant to your booking. All information is kept securely and will not be shared with any third party without your consent.


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If you have any questions about the terms and conditions please contact us at info@boostmyroom.com If you have any questions to your reservation please contact the hotel directly.

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upgrades your hotel experience


Wake up in a better room, with a view, a balcony or maybe just sleep in and get your breakfast in bed ? Your hotel stay can be about much more than just a bed to sleep in.

BMR lets you choose between packages designed to make your stay unforgettable.

When you make a request for a better room and other nice services, you have the opportunity to boost your stay for a very good price.

Your upgrade must be accepted by the hotel, so it is dependable on the availability of the rooms and services you have requested. But don’t worry – if the upgrade is not accepted your original reservation is still there.

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