The power of our SMS Platform

Our SMS platform enables more OTA upsetting and is very powerful communication channel.


Open rates: 98%

Response rates: 45%

Response times: 90 sec.

75% like SMS offers


Open rates: 62%

Response rates: 6%

Response times: 24 hours

Used less by younger generation

We are proud to be the first hotel upselling partner to provide this kind of innovative service

Most hotels have a 5% RevPAR increase potential – get an indication of your new revenues:
BMR calculator.

No Rooms:
Per rooms per month:
Open rate – SMS/email – 80%:
Response rate – 15%:
Average upselling:
Monthly additional revenue:
Yearly additional revenue

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upgrades your hotel experience


We do the job for you – minimum extra work

We combine SMS/text & email marketing to reach all your guests

Our solution needs no integration to PMS – just a report

Our approach is “no cure – no pay”

Tell me how it will work for my hotel – please call me

Our Boost Service model

Free PMS integration
Free sms & email
Free marketing packages
Free segmented promotion pages
Free reporting
Free customer service

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